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Alma Village Office
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Contact information for the mayor, councillors and staff can be found on the Village of Alma website.
All correspondence is the responsibility of the mayor and the clerk. In some instances the mayor will respond to an inquiry, but most requests will be addressed by the clerk.
All incoming and outgoing communication will be conducted in a polite and respectful manner.
Note that all incoming correspondence must be marked “privileged and confidential” to the mayor or
councillors or “not for public distribution” if the correspondent does not want the correspondence to be
The clerk will forward emails/letters that are received to the mayor and councillors in a timely manner
a nd will indicate if the correspondence is for information purposes only or if input/comments/suggestions
are invited/required.
If a councillor is in a conflict situation regarding the correspondence, that councillor will not receive a
copy of the correspondence.
Correspondents can generally expect to receive a response to their correspondence within five (5)
business days. Exceptions may occur depending on workload, the nature of the inquiry, and the
consultation that may be required before a response ca n be given. If a response cannot be provided within
five (5) business days, the clerk will notify the correspondent and provide an alternate date.
If the mayor and councillors have been copied on incoming correspondence, they will be copied on the
respon se(s).
The Village of Alma Facebook page and any posts to the page are for general information purposes only
and will not be used to promote any individual business or any business carried on by any member of
council or staff. The Village of Alma Faceboo k page will not be used to engage in conversations relating
to village business, and the mayor, councillors and staff will not engage in conversations relating to
village business on any Facebook pages.
Water and sewer emergencies should be
reported to the water & sewer operator or, in his/her absence,
the clerk. Infrastructure emergencies should be reported to the mayor and the clerk.
The mayor or his/her designate (as appointed by the mayor) will be responsible for responding to media
inq uiries (all outlet types) and conducting media interviews.
The mayor or his/her designate (as appointed by the mayor) will attend political functions and events and
ministerial announcements.

Effective October 1, 2021

The Village of Alma is committed to taking every reasonable precaution to protect the volunteer Firefighters from the hazards of COVID-19. Vaccination is a key element in this strategy and this policy is in place to contribute to our fight against the virus and unite us in our common mission to ensure the wellbeing of all.
In this policy:
(a) “Volunteer Firefighter” means any person accepted to serve on the Village of Alma Volunteer Fire Department by the Fire Chief.

3.0 FIREFIGHTERS Application
This section applies to all Village of Alma firefighters.

Vaccination Requirements
All Village of Alma firefighters have until October 1, 2021 to provide proof of full vaccination (i.e.: 2 (two) doses). Proof of vaccination will be provided to the Fire Chief. Your vaccination documentation will not be kept on file and is simply used to maintain a list of all firefighters who have shown proof of vaccination.

New Firefighters
New firefighters will be required to provide proof of full vaccination to the Fire Chief prior to becoming a member of the Village of Alma Fire Department.

Mask wearing
Non-medical masks must be worn by all Firefighters at all times indoors (including apparatus). This applies the following events • Training (in-house and provincial courses); • Firefighter Examinations; • When responding
to incidents; • Meetings; • Firefighter events; • Other events or operations in which fire fighters are present in a professional capacity;

The Fire Chief shall conduct a review of the COVID-19 immunization status of the Village of Alma Firefighters in order to assess and promote compliance to this policy.

Effective this 22nd day of November, 2021.

The Village of Alma has been fortunate to receive financial support from both the Federal and Provincial governments for the development of “incubator spaces” in the Activity Center and Multi-Purpose Building which are located in the Village core area. These incubator spaces have been developed with the primary aim to help promote and diversity local economy.

Although the Village Council is welcoming and supportive of the development of all economic activity in the Village of Alma, the Village Council is cognizant of the need to not allow the incubator spaces which are subsidized by the Village taxpayers, to be in direct competition with existing commercial enterprises in the Village.

The incubator spaces are rented by the Village to Enterprises who meet this Incubator Space Rental Policy and who wish to trial a business model in the Village of Alma. Formal rental agreements are used in all cases. All Enterprises who wish to rent an incubator space must apply in writing to the Village Clerk. Formal applications received will be assessed against the Incubator Space Rental Policy Selection Criteria (see Annex 1 below) and those meeting the criteria will be presented to the Village Council for their approval. Applicants who have their applications approved will be offered and incubator space in accordance with terms and conditions to be negotiated between the applicant and the Village Council.

ANNEX 1 – Incubator Space Rental Policy Selection Criteria
1. Applicant’s business model must aim to provide goods and/or services in areas of the local economy that are currently not represented, or in the opinion of the Village Council, under-represented.
2. Applicants whose business model aims to promote goods and/or services throughout the year (as opposed to just seasonally) will be given preference.
3. The Village Council may reject any applicant whose business model is considered by the Village Council not to be compatible with the overall well-being of the community.